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About Connect SI

Connect SI Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization that supports a collaborative, regional economic strategy for the southern 20 counties of Illinois. Our initiatives are built upon broadband connectivity, with the concept that our dispersed assets can be connected to make our region a driving force in the world economy.
Our Vision
Connect SI will be a national leader for collaborative rural economic transformation fueled by world class broadband and healthcare.
Our Mission
Connect SI will, through regional collaboration, encourage and sustain
economic growth while valuing quality of life in southern Illinois.
Our goal is for southern Illinois to become the fastest growing economic region in Illinois — a gateway to the global economy. We are working to develop a diverse economy, plus strengthen the capabilities of existing industries to create sustainable economic growth that ensures better-paying employment and business opportunities for residents of our region.

For additional information on Connect SI Foundation goals and initiatives,
contact Executive Director Kathy Lively via email.

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