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The Connect SI Foundation was initially formed with the goal of bringing broadband connectivity to southern Illinois as part of an economic development plan for businesses and residents of our 20-county region. Connect SI has since partnered with a state-wide initiative led by Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI) — a group that is working to achieve similar broadband connectivity goals throughout Illinois.


  • Increase broadband access
  • Increase useful adoption
  • Create new jobs
  • Enhance economic
    development efforts


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Collaborating with Partnership for a Connected Illinois as the Southern Regional eTeam at, Connect SI is assisting with the development of a regional broadband action plan for networking partners, gathering data, and utilizing resources to address the area's unmet needs for broadband services and create a regional infrastructure design for our 20-county area. 
We are focusing on the following objectives while developing a regional plan to meet our goals:

  • Determine DEMAND/NEEDS within each county and use the data to address the needs
  • Determine SUPPLY within each county and use the data to address needs
  • Network with collaborate partners with similar objectives
  • Promote and educate on beneficial uses of broadband
  • Review local, state, and federal planning and policies, and act upon when appropriate

The Southern Regional eTeam will be working with existing initiatives, and aggregating demand in the area of adoption, while working with numerous community anchor institutions. For additional information and/or to join our initiative, please contact Steven Mitchell, Regional eTeam coordinator via email.

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