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Health Information Exchange of Southern Illinois (HIESI)

In March of 2009, healthcare providers throughout southern Illinois, in partnership with the Connect SI Foundation, initiated a planning process for a regional Health Information Exchange system in the 31 southernmost counties of Illinois with the goal of expediting and improving healthcare delivery for our region. The initiative was supported by:

  • A statewide grant signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn on February 4, 2009, appropriating $3 million to the Department of Healthcare and Family Services to establish a program for health information exchange planning; and,
  • The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), signed into law on February 17, 2009, dedicating more than $20 billion in nationwide federal funding to implement electronic health records and health data exchange by 2014.

What is a Health Information Exchange?
A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is defined as “The electronic movement of health-related information among organizations according to nationally recognized standards.” (Office of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology).
The plan for the Health Information Exchange of Southern Illinois (HIESI) is to utilize full-functioning electronic health record systems that takes advantage of shared information to improve the quality of healthcare for residents throughout southern Illinois.
Our Vision for Southern Illinois
The planning committee, coordinated by Connect SI, envisions that when healthcare is delivered in southern Illinois, caregivers will interactively utilize full-functioning Electronic Health Records (EHR) at the point of care. These records will:

  • Be interoperable with all relevant data sources
  • Complement the caregiver with increased information and clinical tools
  • Be accessible by patients and other providers — providing information in a secure manner and only with the patient’s consent
  • Enable the practice of Evidence Based Medicine
  • Improve patient safety and support national/state quality measures, reporting, public health and population management

Who would be able to access the HIE?
Caregivers across southern Illinois (including doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies) would be able to both access and enter information into the regional HIE. Caregivers — with patient consent — would be able to both review and enter updates to patient medical records. As the project develops, patients would be able to access their own electronic medical records as well.
What are the benefits of a regional HIE?
A regional HIE can dramatically improve healthcare delivery by providing:

  • Comprehensive medical information quickly, to ensure patient safety
  • Interoperable access to all relevant data sources
  • Enhanced information and clinical tools to caregivers
  • Secure access to medical records for patients and caregivers — with patient consent.
  • Support for evidence-based medical practices
  • Support for national and state quality, reporting, public health, and population management initiatives

Phase One: Planning & Stakeholder Participation
Connect SI has been working in the 31-county region to expand our existing partnership and to convene a consortium of healthcare stakeholders. This group has been working to create plans for mass deployment of Electronic Health Record systems and the Health Information Exchange of Southern Illinois (HIESI) system using a sustainable business model to ensure lasting success for the HIESI. The primary goal of the planning phase was to secure the commitment of local health care providers to participate fully in the HIESI.
The Connect SI Foundation and HIESI Steering Committee been leading the work in Phase One. Current members of the HIESI Steering Committee and the stakeholder groups they currently lead are listed below. 
HIESI Steering Committee and Stakeholder Groups           

  • Physician — Dan Hoffman, MD, Internal Medicine, Mt. Vernon
  • Hospital — Dave Holland, vice president & chief information officer,
    Southern Illinois Healthcare 
  • Nurse — Melissa Meador, RN, clinical informatics specialist,
    Washington County Hospital 
  • Pharmacy — Ben Calcaterra, pharmacist, Logan Primary Pharmacy
  • Laboratory — Doug Hamilton, director, Logistics and Specimen
    Processing, Quest Diagnostics 
  • Behavioral Health — Lisa Tolbert, executive director, Delta Center
  • Technical Architecture — Bill Odman, vice president & regional CIO, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Incorporated 
  • Public Health and Quality Reporting — Miriam Link-Mullison, administrator, Jackson County Health Department 
  • Privacy & Security — Jan Schuette, chief information officer, Central Illinois Division (HSHS) 
  • Federal & State Requirements — Lori Williams, vice president, Small & Rural Hospital Affairs, Illinois Hospital Association 
  • Sustainability & Business Plan, Communications & Education — Woody Thorne, administrative director, Community Affairs, Southern Illinois Healthcare 
  • Federally Qualified Health Center — Patsy Jensen, executive director, Shawnee Health Service 
  • Clinical Priorities Committee — Kim Larkin, chief information officer, Washington County Hospital 
  • Imaging — Robin Brown, director, Diagnostic Services, St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital   

The HIESI Steering Committee continues to meet monthly to track the progress of the statewide HIE initiative, and watch for federal and state grant opportunities that will help us further HIE development throughout southern Illinois.
How can you or your organization help?
We welcome input from the entire healthcare community, including physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, federally qualified health centers, and public health departments.
Join us …or learn more about HIESI
If you would like to join this collaborative effort, or would like additional information about the HIESI initiative, please contact Kathy Lively, executive director at Connect SI, via email.

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