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Delta Simulation Learning Lab
The Connect SI Foundation has received a Delta Regional Simulation and Learning Lab grant of $519,924, from USDA Rural Development through its Rural Utilities Service, for the purchase of simulation mannequins and video conferencing equipment for all Delta community colleges and two elementary schools within our region. A sub-agreement contract is under development with Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) to determine a process for procurement, ordering, and equipment set-up.
As a result of this award, mannequins, beds, computers, scenarios, etc., will be added to nurse training progams to ensure students at each participating college have access to an up-to-date simulation training lab.
The new equipment enables students to learn and practice advanced techniques for critical interventions on simulation mannequins/patients with no danger to human life. Simulation labs allow more time for “hands-on” training without increasing the clinical time in overburdened hospital and clinic-based sites.
If you would like additional information about the Delta Simulation Learning Lab initiative, please contact Kathy Lively, executive director at Connect SI, via email.

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