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Our History
The Connect SI Foundation is a 20-county collaborative with the mission
“Connect SI will, through regional collaboration, encourage and sustain economic growth while valuing quality of life in southern Illinois.”
This guiding principle serves as the cornerstone of all Connect SI activities. Thousands of citizens in the southernmost counties of Illinois work daily to achieve the vision of being “a national leader for collaborative rural economic transformation fueled by world class broadband and healthcare.”
Since 2006, Connect SI has successfully completed regional studies and initiatives funded by private and public dollars including the Department of Labor, the Delta Regional Authority, the Governor’s office, and the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Connect SI provides a framework that fully leverages the resources and assets of southern Illinois. The work has been coordinated through six geographic and sector communities of interest (COI), including four regional Economic Development COIs, Network Provider COI, and Healthcare COI.
The goals of the Healthcare COI, led by the region’s healthcare providers, are: to increase collaboration and technology to improve the quality of care, and to increase access to quality healthcare services in the region. The Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) Health Information Exchange (HIE) Planning grant is another opportunity for Connect SI to serve the stakeholders in the region with a collaborative framework building upon existing partnerships in health care, economic development, education, workforce development, and broadband network providers.
Our vision for economic prosperity is an evolving work in progress. We encourage you to browse our Community Initiatives page to learn more about plans and projects that are currently in development toward our goals for regional growth and prosperity throughout southern Illinois.

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