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Lead SI
LEAD SI is a youth engagement strategy designed to:  foster among regional young people a deep appreciation of Southern Illinois by engaging them in peer networking, and helping them to learn important leadership and community development skills; and, to expand the existing leadership base to support the future of Southern Illinois.
The LEAD SI initiative was designed to ensure a continuous supply of homegrown leaders for the future of Southern Illinois. The LEAD SI class of 2011 consisted of over thirty young leaders representing the 20-county Connect SI region. Future leaders attend a three day Institute held on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus. Future leaders are led through a full curriculum developed by university professionals focused on developing skills such as communication, problem solving, team building, and decision making. They are also presented with opportunities to network with regional leaders from the business, government, education, and healthcare sectors.
Following completion of the Institute, future leaders continue through a year-long schedule of events focused on continuing social networking, leadership development, and appreciation of southern Illinois. LEAD SI sponsored events will take participants across the region, exposing them to the beauties and challenges facing future leaders of southern Illinois.
Lead SI Institute graduates who are accepted by the SIUC College of Business may be considered for the Clint and Debra McDonnough Scholarship, awarded yearly with preference given to graduates of the Lead SI Institute.
Each year, a new class of future leaders will be selected from those entering their sophomore and junior years in high school. Targeted students may display their leadership qualities through any number of activities either through school or in the community. LEAD SI is interested in a diverse population with a variety of skills, interests, talents, and backgrounds. Applicants should be current juniors or seniors with a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale residing in the Connect SI region.

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