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Our Region
Southern Illinois is one of the state’s most diverse regions. From towering cliffs to limestone-rich valleys to great forests to fields of soybeans, wheat and corn, our region condenses all that is good about the United States into 20 counties in a moderate climate.

Combined with top-notch health care, low tax rates for residents and businesses and award-winning education systems, Southern Illinois is one of the country’s hidden treasures. A strong workforce of proud southern Illinoisans has led the region to advancements in all facets of production, design, and technology of many nationally recognized products and services.

Entrepreneurial Climate
Southern Illinois is the perfect place for a small business or a large enterprise. A low tax rate and cost of living allows a business to spend its money on business, not bills. With the advent of broadband technology, southern Illinois has entered the world market, allowing low-overhead companies to succeed nationally and globally without the need to invest in major infrastructure. The Connect SI Foundation encourages further growth of broadband connectivity throughout our regional cities and towns as well as into the countryside — where even more citizens and businesses can prosper.

Southern Illinois boasts a high-quality education from preschool to postgraduate. Our classroom sizes are small, compared to urban and suburban schools, while our universities and community colleges are excellent and affordable. Southern Illinois University is recognized as a leader in aviation, automotive repair and education. Community colleges and high schools work closely with SIU to ensure an easy transition to higher education. For those who do not wish to seek a bachelor’s degree or higher, community colleges throughout the region provide a variety of opportunities to earn an associates degree or take classes just for fun.

From primary care physicians in clinics region-wide to surgery, cancer treatment and physical rehabilitation, Southern Illinois area hospitals and clinics are recognized as being some of the best in the state.

Those looking for broadband Internet service can visit and submit their information online. Those details are then sent to over a dozen Internet Service Providers (ISP), who can contact the sender directly about providing service.
The ISP can also use the information to determine the demand for broadband service in unserved areas – another tool for studying cost-effective methods of making infrastructure investments and bringing services to that community or region.
The Connect SI Foundation works to leverage regional economic growth in our 20-county regional area, in part, through widely available, affordable broadband Internet access.

Additional Information
Additional resources for our 20-county region (such as assessment tools for business; demographics; links to economic development, employment, government, healthcare, education, tourism sites and more) may be found in the Resources section of our website.

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