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Small Business Awards
AT&T and Connect SI honor 12 winners of the "Smart
Broadband for Small Business" Award on April 27, 2015.
Award winners received $2,000 each from AT&T.

Smart Broadband for small Business Award Winners

About the Award

The Connect SI Foundation,
in partnership with AT&T, recently announced a"Smart Broadband for Small Business Awards" initiative designed to recognize 12 southern Illinois small businesses that utilize wired or wireless broadband as a key component of their success.

The "Smart Broadband for Small Business Awards" is focused on micro businesses of 10 or fewer employees in the southern-most region that Connect SI serves.

"The Connect SI Foundation is excited to join with AT&T to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit that prevails in southern Illinois," said Kathy Lively, executive director of Connect SI. "The expansion of broadband is the cornerstone of the Connect SI strategies for economic growth in southern Illinois. We will be working with our 20 county community partners to recognize micro-businesses who have been successful due to robust broadband utilization."

"In today's economy, wired and wireless broadband allow entrepreneurs to start and sustain a business from a large city, a small town or a rural area. Broadband is the great economic equalizer and, as a leading provider of wired and wireless broadband technology, AT&T is excited to highlight success stories of small business in Southern Illinois with our friends at Connect SI," said Jim Maurer, vice president, External Affairs, AT&T Illinois.

>> View a slideshow of the award winners
>> Download the Press Release (PDF file, 166 KB).

For Additional Information
Contact Executive Director Kathy Lively via email, or at the following address:

Kathy Lively
Connect SI Foundation
3000 E. DeYoung St, Suite 800B
Marion, IIllinois 62959


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